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Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Time For Winter Mix Tea

OK, so I know this has nothing to do with sewing but I wanted to share this. It is the time of year when I hit my herb pantry and pull out some of my secret herbs for my Winter Mix Tea.

The blend is an immune booster and it has a wonderful blend of herbs that are also great when battling a cold. It is an earthy tea because it contains many root herbs but it is spicy and delicious. I blended several pounds of it and I am getting ready to share with family and friends. I like to keep all of those around me well. It is a bit self serving or a means of self preservation.

The blend consists of organic and wild harvested herbs such as Dandelion root, Astragalus, Cinnamon bark, Lobelia, Rosehips, just to mention a few. I had considered offering on the web store Winter mix by the ounce, if anyone is interested, please let me know. I will be glad to provide you with a full list of ingredients. Also too, just to let you know, all my herbs come from a certified organic supplier that I have been purchasing my herbs from for years.

Hope everyone is enjoying what little bit of fall we have left or if your up north, I hope your winter is off to a beautiful start. We have already seen snow in the mountains here this past weekend but tomorrow it is suppose to still reach 70 degrees. It should be a beautiful autumn day.

Blessings to you all!!!


  1. Um...sharing with family and friends! Just a reminder, I am family. LOL

  2. I'll be happy to send some to you via Granny! I'll also make sure I give you a list of all the herbs in the mix. Keep in mind, it is earthy. When I tell Joe that he says, "oh boy, here we go."

  3. You’re correct about your blend being ideal as a cold medicine. Rosehips, in particular, are one of the best remedies for cold. It’s a fairly new medical discovery, but more and more, rosehips are becoming popular among people who practice natural health. Who knew something so delicate and fragrant can also be good for our health?

    Katelin Mccaig


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