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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Screen Printing Fun

Wow, we have all been so busy and it is a holiday weekend coming up and I am sure much of it will be spent getting the online store front up and getting some of these new screens prints sewn and ready to go up.

Most evening have been very productive in getting some things done. I am working on some new very original screen designs and I am so excited about them. Our one eyed alien turned out better than I had hopes of. I used contact paper and cut him out with an xacto knife and I loved that. No fluids or screen fillers to deal with an clean up aftwards was a snap, which was great because it was around midnight.

I screened another design but I am going to save sharing it until I have them acutally worked up into dresses. They are going to be so cute and I think they will be loved by all. Even my Doodlebug got in on the action and designed one of them for me. I'll be sure to mention which one it is when I post it. I love how creative and clever she is. She is a big help.

Well, here are a few photos of my screening last night. Tonight was spent putting some hand touches on a few of the pieces. Most of the day was spent doing computer work, placing a few orders and the not so fun stuff.

Mixing the screen printing inks are kind of different than mixing my acrylics. Also too, I did learn that the color that it looks at the moment, when it dries, it may be much darker. I made the best of it though. I am certain to learn so much in the next few months.

This rack, I promised to my niece but now I am thinking, I may just need to keep this Melissa. I do hope you will forgive me. It is perfect for my screen printing. If you really want it though, you can have it and I am sure I will find something that will work just as well.

I know you have no idea what these are but you will be surprised by what they become. I can't wait to share them.
I was screening alone this time because it was so late and so many of us all are fighting a summer cold. My helping hands were not able to help this time.

I love this table that Joe built for our screen printing. He built the table, coated it and waxed it for under 40.00. It isn't fancy but I could see how one of these pressed boards might almost resemble stone with the right assembly and trim. After the poly surface was added, he sanded and reapplied another coat. He added a thick coat of wax and buffed it. It has the slickest surface on top. I can screen and then just wipe up. The inks never seem to really stick to the surface.

I love this table. I have been given the perfect spot in his beloved barn right next to the big sink for my screen printing. He even gave me a shelf to store my supplies on. Thanks honey!

These are just too much fun. DoodleBug now says, she wants to be an alien for Halloween and guess who is making her costume? Yep, we are already talking out the details.

I wasn't alone in the barn. My technical guru was hard at work too. Bless his heart, I do hope I won't keep him too busy in his spare time helping me. He has so very little spare time now.

I don't want to close this without saying to my whole family who is helping and supporting me and making this a family adventure and effort, I love you and I am so grateful and blessed that you all are sliding in there sideways. I thank each one of you for every bit of help you have given to this adventure and to me.

I also want to thank all of my friends who have been helping get the word out on line and around home about this little business adventure. You all have been so wonderful. Yesterday being the first day to share the "fan" page and already, you all have shared and passed along my links. Last time I looked, I have 64 people who have clicked that "like" button. To each one of you who did and passed along my links to your friend, I so appreciate you all. Thank you so much. You've all been wonderful to help as well. It will be interesting just to see how this whole adventure grows. I couldn't do it without the support of all my special and wonderful friends. You gals are great!

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our photos. I will be posting up some of the end results in the next couple of days.

Blessing to you all!!!

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  1. The little aliens are so cute. Wondering what they will become. Looking forward to seeing them. Looks like fun to me.


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