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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ready, Set, Go! Ready...Set....

Go! I am ready to go but the store front is still taking a bit of work. We are doing our store front where you will be purchasing from our site and not through a middle man and using pay pals to complete the transaction. Setting up the shopping cart and inventory tracking within the software as well as a million other details, takes some time, especially when my technical guru already has a full time job. He says we are getting very close to our GRAND OPENING! I have been doing everything that I can to help by prepping images and such.

In the meantime, I have been using the time to create images, doing some screen printing, sewing, making labels and hang tags. I have been staying pretty busy. I also have been reading a book that I really recommend if anyone is thinking about undertaking a creative at home business.

This book is wonderful with pointers that cover the business side as well as good practical tips to help the creativity flourish.

I must say I have also been blessed with the support of family and friends who offer not only encouragement but good ideas and I love the phrase, “have you ever thought about…” and “what if you…” and better yet “wonder if…” Those words are like music to my ears because I know they will be followed with some pretty good ideas and it really keeps my creative juices flowing.

I have also been blessed with a very dear friend who runs a crafty at home business herself. It is called Doggie Duds by Deb. Be sure to check it out her site if you get a chance. She has some very sweet things for our fury friends. Deb has been like my online business coach. She has been at this for a bit so, she has really given me good tips and pointed me in good directions. I am so grateful for her help. She and I have known each other since first grade and just a few years ago, reconnected. I am so lucky that she ran across my paintings on line and dropped me an email. Oh I better stop before I tear up here. Thanks Deb you have been such a wonderful friend. Deb also is a wonderful artist as well. Check out her blog too Become a follower and watch her work. She is very talented and she also paints animal portraits. If you have not guessed by now, she is indeed a real animal lover. She even fosters pets until a good home can be found for them. A true humanatarian, she really is.

Well, this time before the store is to open, we have created what we call the “Lily Field Design’s Happy Kids.” Those were all those round things in the photo from my last blog that were screened and hanging on the rail in the barn. This is what they have turned into…

This is our very first Happy Kid. She was just so much fun to create. Since she was born, I have hand painted the faces on so many now. You know how when someone smiles, it is natural to smile back. Well, my face hurt so much on the days when painting the Happy Kids because all I could do was smile.

This is the Lily Field Designs' Baby. We will be doing more of these and these will be screened on 6 months to 2 toddler.

I laughed as soon as this one was finished. I thought for sure I recognized some one in this one. As it turns out, I think I painted a self portrait. The only thing my mom said, when I showed her this was, "you hair was never quiet that long." It wasn't.

I just love the curly tops that I have done. They are so much fun. I never quiet know which way the hair will go and I just let the brush work and I follow along.

Today, I will be busy getting all of the current inventory sized and tagged. I am looking forward to seeing the UPS guy soon too. I can't wait to open the boxes of little customer gifts that I have coming. Also, all of our packing and shipping supplies are due to arrive today too.

Well, we have quiet the summer storm brewing outside this morning and it is lightening so, I am going to say good bye for now and post this blog and shut down my computer.

Hope everyone is having a blessed day! Blessings & Hugs To You All!!!

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  1. I can see why these cute faces make you snile. They make me smile too. Keep up the good work.


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