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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Friend for Doodles

Well, I knew that if I wanted to keep Honey, I needed to hurry up and place an order with Weir for a new doll kit and make Doodles her own little pal. The mailman left our kit on the back porch Saturday morning so, I got busy Sautrday evening and made Doodlebug's doll.

I really worked hard last night while watching a few movies with Papaw and before I knew it, she was finished. I think Papaw's quote when I finished her was, "it's alive!!!", in the tone of Dr. Frankenstein.

Doodlebug had her very last summer reading class at the university and I thought what a great way to reward her for her hard work in the summer reading program with her own little handmade friend.

Papaw and I were taking her to her last class this morning and her little gal was sitting on the sofa waiting for her when she walked through the door this morning.She was so excited to see her new doll and I really recieved wonderful hugs for making her. Doodles knew that the kit was on it's way but she had no idea that she would be getting her doll this morning. Needless to say, while Papaw showered, we made her a dress and a new necklace so that she would look perfect for class today. We let Doodles take her new friend to the class and snapped a few photos along the way.

Papaw had to have his photo made with the newest family member too.

Doodlebug still has not come up with the perfect name for her new friend. She is thinking really hard about it and doesn't want to just make any snap decisions. Tomorrow, I will be digging through my knits closet to find fabrics to make a matching dress for Doodles.

I did order a bit of extra materials to make a few more of these sweet friends. I don't know yet if they will just be gifts for family or I might make a few from time to time if folks request an order. They are truly a lot of fun to create and I can sit down and watch a couple of movies with Papaw while making one and before I know it, I have one made.

If you noticed in the photo, I really did make her feet smaller and a bit squished because we discovered that if we make smaller feet, all the shoes that are made for for the American Girl dolls will fit the Waldorf gals perfectly, if the foot is not too big or overstuffed. So, we will be shoe shopping for this this gal very soon.

If you are interested in ordering one, just drop me a note and let me know what you have in mind. I have no interest in making them on a regular basis but if you just really wanted or needed one and having a hard time getting an order in on one from one of those busy doll sites, holler and I may be able to help you out.

Blessing All!!!


  1. What a nice surprise. You definitely are a wonderful marshmellow Mamaw.


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