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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ooooo... Honey!

I finally had a bit of time this afternoon to play like a kid and make Honey her first set of clothes. I loved how she turned out.

Yesterday, Doodlebug and I made a dress for her new American Girl doll. While in the sewing room she found Honey stuffed in a bin on the sewing cabinet. I thought I had her hid pretty good but I guess not. Doodles pulled Honey out of the bin and fell in love with her. I may be making me another sewing room friend and Honey may be finding her a new pal to spend time with. We will see how long the old Marshmallow can hold out.

I do love how Honey’s outfit turned out. I made it by one of the patterns that comes with the doll kits from Weir. I must admit, the pattern drawings look a bit old fashioned but anyone who has made doll clothing before knows, a basic pattern is a basic pattern. I did like the simple style of the dress. It has the sleeves and bodice all in one piece. Simply stitching the yoke piece in and flipping under or, as I did turning it to face out, adds a neat touch. A choice of bright colored fabrics can make an old fashioned pattern look in style.

I think my favorite accessories of Honey’s are the socks and for sure the Chuck Taylor’s. I found the little sneaks at a craft store. I do have the shoe pattern to make the little Mary Jane’s but I really liked the bit of pizzazz that the striped socks and sneakers add to her look. Her socks are made from a bit of recycled knits.

I am sure I will have to give Honey up to Doodles when she sees her in the new outfit. I am looking forward to making a few more outfits for sure. If I do find that I enjoy making them and playing dress up with dolls again, I may make several and post them in the store for sale. That will be only if our doll trunk gets a bit too full in the near future.

Making the doll and the outfit has been great fun. I do have plans for sure for making two more dolls but that will be my limit for making these types of dolls in the future. They are very sweet, loveable pals for our little ones but a bit too time consuming to make, at least for now.

I do have a doll pattern that will share for free before long that I designed many years ago. It is made using a bit of new fabrics and recycled kids clothes. They are pretty cute kids too. I will post those up here very soon.

Blessings to you all!


  1. That is a very good job on Honey. Cute doll.

  2. Following your blog too. What a cute dolly.

    Tara @ Trendy Treehouse


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