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Friday, June 11, 2010

Had To Share

DoodleBug sweet talked me right out of a Happy Kids dress today. How could I say no? It wasn't happening. She kept going to the cabinet where I had them all hanging and looking through them and she said, "Mamaw, you said I could have a dress that I liked from time to time, I want one of these." I ask her which one she wanted and this is the one she picked.

I was really glad she picked this one because it was the very first Happy Kid dresses that I made.

She really was striking a pose here for sure. She is my DoodleBug for sure and I am her "Marshmellow", without a doubt.


  1. So cute! She really looks good in it too.

  2. Thanks Deb. I loved the fit. It really fit her well. She had to stop by Papaw's office and show him her new dress before she headed off to vacation bible school.

  3. LOVE it!!!!! She is too cute!!!

  4. She looks so cute in the dress but of course she looks cute anyway..LOL. Good job there Marshmellow.


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